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Jailed State, The Hawai‘i Independent, in Criminal Justice Reform 

Management Audit of the Department of Public Safety’s
Contracting for Prison Beds and Services

December 2010

Hawaii Justice Coalition Workshop Downsizing Jails – January 3, 2017, long term goals essay Powerpoint Presentation 

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)

CHOW Fact Sheet.

“Hawaii prisoners held on Mainland Skew Census Results”

Honolulu Advertiser article by Michael Tsai shows the loss of federal funds resulting from Hawaiian prisoners being counted in Arizona census statistics.  Almost 2000 Hawaii prisoners are in the long term goals essay for-profit Corrections Corporation of America, far from their families, and making re-entry yet more challenging. Native Hawaiians have an incarceration rate 4 times higher than whites in Hawaii.

Detaining the Poor:  How money bail perpetuates an endless cycle of poverty and jail time

People in local jails are significantly poorer than non-incarcerated people, and even poorer than people in prison, finds a new report by the nonprofit Prison Policy Initiative.

Second Interim Report of HCR 85 Task Force (On Effective Incarceration Policies)


First Interim Report of HCR 85 Task Force (On Effective Incarceration Policies)


The Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force Report



Prisons in Paradise- Voices of Truth, with Kat Brady


Mass Incarceration


We Need to Talk About an Injustice – Bryan Stevenson 


Schools Not Prison, Do the Math


School to Prison Pipeline


Private Prisons sell People for Profits – Immigrants for Sale.


Shocking Facts about Prisons and Jails in the US


CAP video of Advocacy for Justice Award