May 7, 2018 from Carrie Ann Shirota


The 2018 Legislative session has ended.

Please consider attending the HCR 85 TASK FORCE – ALTERNATIVES TO INCARCERATION  event


Hawai`i Supreme Court – 2nd floor

It’s important to attend these meetings, submit comments, and press for recommendations that reflect comprehensive criminal justice reforms in Hawai’i.

And, here’s my short synopsis of the Legislative session.

  • The bail reform bills and minimum standards for administrative segregation (aka solitary confinement) died early on.
  • The audit bill died literally at the 9th hour.
  • The Public-Private partnership (P3s) bill died (good decision).
  • Performance Indicator and Youth and Wellness Center bills bill passed,  and LEAD (diversion program) was funded.

In summary, most Legislators do not currently view criminal justice reform as a priority.  However, MORE Legislators are noticing the growing number of voices from different organizations and individuals advocating for criminal justice reform!  If we continue to elevate our voices and vote for candidates who support comprehensive criminal justice reform, the pendulum will shift towards Smart Justice policies!

Mahalo,  Carrie Ann Shirota