Sunday, April 22, 2018 from Carrie Anne Shirota

Mahalo to those of you for contacting Conference Committee Members and advocating for a more in-depth Performance Audit of the Dept. of Public Safety.  Please keep those calls and emails flowing!
Below, you’ll find the latest CAPWATCH Conference Committee Report from Kat Brady. 
Some of you may be wondering about the status of the Public Private Partnerships P3 bills.


https://www.capitol.hawaii. gov/session2018/bills/SB2705_ HD2_.pdf                     

House Conferees Appointed: Johanson, Evans, Nakamura Co-Chairs; Yamashita, Ward.

Senate Conferees Appointed: Wakai Chair; Galuteria, Nishihara, Kim.

As you may recall, the Senate held the P3 bill.  However, the companion P3 bill was kept alive by the House.   If you look at the status above, you’ll find that Sen. Donna Mercado Kim was added as a Conferee.  At the last Senate hearing, Sen. Kim expressed concerns and raised tough questions about the P3 bill.  

To date, there is no Committee hearing scheduled for this bill. At this juncture, we don’t want to draw attention to this bill.  We’re hoping that a Committee hearing is not scheduled and that this bill will disappear – at least for this legislative session!  However, if a Committee hearing is scheduled, we’ll send out an Action Alert asking you to contact the Conferees and express your opposition to this bill. 

Finally, I wish ALL of you could have had the honor of hearing Father Gregory Boyle of Homeboy Industries at Chaminade University. He exudes wisdom, compassion, authenticity and kindness, and has the most incredible sense of humor.  I heard that the event was filmed, and am hoping that it will find its way to ‘Olelo to inspire more of our beloved community.