Thursday, January 25, 2018 For Kat Brady

            I have been downloading bills and creating a list so that we can all see what the legislature is thinking. I have not counted the number of justice-related bills, however, I have attached CAPʻs  33-page list with bills, links, and short descriptions in pdf format.  I have grouped the bills by subject (mostly). I am sure there are mistakes and things missing…one gets kind of bleary-eyed after days of this!

            Of course, we will not be testifying on all these bills, however, it is good to know where the emphasis is this session. As we move through the session, I will be sending out hearing notices and talking points so that you can weigh in on those things important to you.

            Today I am analyzing some of the good bills and will be sending out information when hearings are scheduled.

            When you see a bill that really resonates with you, please send in testimony. It doesnʻt have to be long…just heartfelt!

            It takes a caring community to promote compassionate, humane, and sound public policy. It is up to us to create peaceful, just, and healthy communities! Mahalo for caring about all of Hawai`iʻs people near and far.

Love, Kat